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Is a Career in Dentistry for you?

If you are fascinated by the way your teeth and gums work and you want to help people to correct the aches and pains and improve oral hygiene than
perhaps dentistry may be the perfect career option for you. Dentistry opens up many fields for dentists to specialise in such as general dentistry or
cosmetic dentistry which is becoming increasingly popular.

Strange Coincidence and a Blast from the Past

It’s strange how things pan out sometimes. I haven’t seen my friend Michelle Walker since she left our primary school in Rutland at the age of ten, yet
I’ve often thought about her and wondered why I hadn’t had the presence of thought to keep in touch. I suppose at that age we barely think past the
following day, but my regret genuinely grew over the years, often rekindled by the appearance of photographs from a birthday party long ago in which

Tattoo Hair Simulation

Hair transplant surgery is happening all over the world and a lot of people find great job out of their ability to have a full head of hair once again.
However, there are some people would take it back if given the chance.

What are Partial Dentures?

Bridges or partial dentures are removable. They usually is attached to gum or pink color base that is plastic. Can be connected by a metal framework
that holds the bridge or partial denture in the mouth, where it has to go.

Partial denture is used when one or more teeth has been removed in either lower or upper

Oral Hygiene and what it is you should actually do

Good oral hygiene is an important part of dentistry as it prevents infection and formation of cavities and gum disease. Oral hygienists are specialised
in dealing with a person’s oral hygiene which includes brushing and flossing the teeth and regular visits to the dentist. Cleaning the teeth is an
important aspect of oral hygiene as it helps to remove plaque which is the harmful sticky bacteria which left untreated could harden and be difficult

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