Playing Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One May Someday Be Possible

After the massive success of the Xbox 360, the Xbox One was released, with fans greatly anticipating all that this new video game console would have to offer. It didn’t disappoint in terms of quality of graphics or in the wide assortment of fun and exciting video games to play. But it did disappoint gamers in one major area, and that’s in the fact that you can’t play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. This means that you need to buy new copies of the same games for a new console or forego playing your old favourites altogether.

But that was then, and things may be changing. Continue reading to learn more about what Microsoft is thinking about bringing to the table for gamers who love their Xbox consoles.

Hope from Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox empire, recently stated in an interview that Microsoft is considering—brainstorming, even—the possibility that Xbox 360 games will be able to be played on the newer Xbox One console. However, he did make it clear that there are no plans to develop or release an Xbox 360 emulator.

Spencer did reassure the interviewer and Xbox fans that Microsoft is throwing ideas on the table that would give gamers a reason to stick around and see what lies ahead, even if it isn’t exactly what they expect it to be in the end. In the meantime, therefore, fans will need to continue playing their many Xbox 360 games solely on the Xbox 360 console.

Keeping Xbox 360 Content Alive

The goal behind figuring out a way to make Xbox 360 games compatible with the Xbox One lies in the fact that there’s such a large catalogue of games to choose from. In Microsoft’s view, it would be a shame to waste of all of those great games and force people to move on from them rather than playing them for many years to come. That gives people hope that there will be a solution in the future that will work for everyone.

In the Meantime, a Potential Solution

For hardcore Xbox gamers who absolutely don’t want to wait, though, there’s a solution that you can try if you want to be able to play all of your beloved Xbox 360 games on your new Xbox One. Simply grab an HDMI cord and plug one end into your Xbox 360, into the HDMI Input port located on the back of the console. Then, take the other end of the same HDMI cable and plug it into the same port on the back of your Xbox One. This simple trick will allow you to play every game you want.

The good news is that Microsoft is considering creating a better, less cumbersome solution to fans of Xbox who want to be able to play all of their games on one convenient console. To purchase the latest games as well as some of the most beloved classics, click here to find great deals on Xbox 360 titles.