Combine Logs and Timbers for Strong Aesthetic Impact

Through the years, timber trusses have been an eye-catching addition to any residential space. The handcrafted design is well qualified to be exposed enough to give people a reason to wow. When you mix timber with logs, you get a wonderful creation that’s certain to make a strong aesthetic impact.

Exploring various timber possibilities can help you embrace the design without being imprisoned in just the common feature trusses. Timber works well with logs, simply because both give out a hybrid style like no other. Why use timber with logs and not timbers or logs alone? The answer is simple. They make a winning pair. Plus, mixing timbers with logs helps you get over the pain of settling, curing, and drying as well as the other issues that come with using logs alone. Adding timber into the equation also helps make the project easy on the pocket. A log cabin package could charge you about £60 per square foot while timber could only charge you half, £30. That will give you a lot of savings in the process.

How could you beautifully mix timbers and logs?

For one, you can use logs as posts and then timber for your feature trusses. If you get a couple of logs for your main beams and support posts, you can give your architectural design an impression that the giants grew out of your floor. With the addition of timber roofs, the rustic appeal would be quite complete. Combine this wonderful mix with heavy hardware, large stone decors, and solid windows and doors and you are good to go.

For another, you can use oddly shaped logs with naturally curved timber. It will blend well with the frame and will surely give out a harmonious design that’s good for outdoor spaces
Where to draw the line using timber frames

There’s no question about it. Constructional timber is great design addition to any home décor. Then again, overusing the material could have a bad effect on your home’s curb appeal. A full timber package would surely trim down the décor decisions you can make. That’s why it is advisable that you use timber frames with some conventional frames and any other material so as to expand the design possibilities. Timbers and logs make a winning combination that you could start on.

Make sure that you do know where to draw the line using a timber element into your household. It is a must that you also consider how the addition will impact the comfort and overall feel of your home.

It is okay to use a small timber element in transition areas like hallways and other openings in between living spaces. But the exposed beams and support posts made of timber are not appropriate in the banquet hall. If you want to add timber in, you better get a solid timber door as a gateway to a special space instead. If you already have timber trusses in the great room, it is ideal to skip it in the kitchen so as to create a striking balance. Proper placement has so much to do with the outcome.