5 Best Iphone Music Apps

There are over a thousand or more iPhone applications, and they all serve different functions, like entertainment to keeping track of your passport phone number, among other things.
Today, we discuss the top 5 iPhone apps that have functionality related to music. So if you want to get the most out of your iPhone in terms of music functionality, you might want to give these apps a try.

1. Sonos Controller-
If you have a full-range sound system on your home, then this app is for you. This turns your iPhone into a wireless remote control that lets you manage your sound system from almost anywhere near your home. Not only that, with an internet connection, you can also have access to online music services, and even listen to hundreds of radio stations from around the world. It even works for your personal computer.

2. Virtual Guitar PRO-
The perfect app for those who love playing guitar, and even for those who want to learn how to play one. The app works like a real guitar, only on a smaller scale. It’s fully customizable, meaning you can add some distortion effects like an electric guitar, or even set it to acoustic. And for beginners, this app can also teach you on how to play the guitar, guiding you with the proper finger placement, and you can even get help from millions of guitar experts around the world so you can learn much easily.

3. Scrobbler-
Eventually, your iPhone will surely build its music playlist, that some of the music you put in there will surely be almost forgotten by yourself. This app will help you rediscover those songs, and will even help you learn more about it. This app can provide many details, from artist information, tour schedules, and much more. You can even find out the various connections of the songs that you have in your iPhone library.

4. VEVO App-
The app for the true music enthusiast, VEVO provides access to music videos of the most popular songs currently. You can also watch live performances from different artists, music premieres, playlist management via the cloud, and even some exclusive videos. You can set continuous play for your selected videos, so you can listen to them without getting interrupted. Best of all, you can share these music videos via Facebook and Twitter.

5. Strum-
“Turn your life into a music video” is the tagline of this app, and this app lives up to its tagline. The capability to turn your status updates into music is what makes this app entertaining. With over 20 different audio and visual styles, background melodies, remixes, and much more, this app makes creating a music video based on your life much easier. You can upload a video that you’ve taken from the iPhone’s built-in camera and use that to create your own music videos. What’s more, you can share your music video creations via Facebook or Twitter.

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