Strange Coincidence and a Blast from the Past

It’s strange how things pan out sometimes. I haven’t seen my friend Michelle Walker since she left our primary school in Rutland at the age of ten, yet
I’ve often thought about her and wondered why I hadn’t had the presence of thought to keep in touch. I suppose at that age we barely think past the
following day, but my regret genuinely grew over the years, often rekindled by the appearance of photographs from a birthday party long ago in which
Michelle would be beaming back at me. I recently visited Leeds to sort out the best student accommodation Leeds had left given how late I had decided to leave my househunting. I
entered one of the letting agents in Leeds and sat with two other people waiting to be seen.
The pretty blonde haired girl opposite looked rather sheepish, her glance meeting mine then looking away only to dart back to take another look. With
seemingly supernatural synchronicity we both realised who the other was: it was Michelle Walker, in the flesh. It turns out Michelle will be studying
at Leeds too, having moved down from Edinburgh where she had lived for two years. We’ve exchanged numbers and I’m truly elated that I’ve got my friend
back and that I’ll be seeing her often over the next few years. A truly great coincidence we chose Leeds University, but she always had great taste!