Latest Advances in Fabric Technology

Fashion designers have been working with the latest advances in fabric technology to create travel wear for men that means an end to crumpled suits and creased shirts. But changing into this new breed of forward-thinking travel wear isn’t the only thing you can do to ensure you arrive looking first class after a long trip on the train or plane. If you’re a frequent traveller looking for ways travel in style, this guide will help you get from A to B, crease-free.

Crease-proof suits

In recent years an increasing number of men’s fashion houses and mens clothes stores have introduced their own crease-proof suit ranges. They’re often given names like endurance suits, performance suits and travel suits. A prime example is the popular Ted Baker Endurance range (pictured), which is available from the House of Fraser mens clothes store. These suits make use of new fabric innovations like Teflon coating and high-twist wool, to ensure the suit fabric holds its shape for longer. As well as being more resistant to crumples and creases, this new breed of suit is also often stain-resistant, water-resistant and anti-bacterial, with extra hidden pockets for travel essentials like your passport and travel tickets.














How to pack

The way you pack your suitcase can make a big difference to the state in which your garments emerge when you unpack at the hotel. Instead of folding clothes, roll them instead. Not only does this help to prevent creasing, but your clothes will take up far less room in your suitcase too. If you’re packing a suit, it’s always best to carry this separately in a garment bag, unless it is a crease-proof suit, as these are safe to roll or loosely fold in your luggage without fear of creasing.

While travelling

While you’re on the train or plane, make use of the garment hangers. Instead of folding or bundling your garments up in the overhead storage, hang them up and they’ll be far less likely to crease. Most airlines will offer to hang suits and jackets up     on the plane for their business customers.

Non-Iron Shirts

As well as advances in crease-proof suits, you’ll also find non-iron shirts. These are made from fabrics that are less liable to crease during wear. They have another advantage in that when you give them a wash or rinse out at your hotel, you can leave them to drip dry. They’ll drip dry more quickly than standard shirts, and they won’t need to be ironed once they’ve dried out.

The Basics

As well as outerwear, underwear is increasingly being designed to withstand the strains of travel. One of the most popular travel underwear brands is Tilley. Their socks, underwear and vests are made from a patented fabric that is designed to keep perspiration away from the skin, keeping you dry as you travel and keeping you cool in hot climates. They’re also resistant to stains, water, odour and bacteria. Like non-iron shirts, they are also designed to dry out far more quickly than standard fabrics, so you can wash them and ring them out in a towel knowing they’ll be 100% dry in the morning, fresh to wear again.

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