A-list lifestyles: Bizarre media stories from 2013

A lot of crazy things happened last year. Not only did ‘selfie’ make it into the Oxford English Dictionary, but twerking also took the world by storm thanks to Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s controversial VMA performances. Juicy articles and headlines were plastered everywhere from top tabloid newspapers to information sites like http://www.wow27.co.uk– but what were some of the most bizarre? Here are five of the weirdest media stories from 2013.

Pope Francis causes a Twitter frenzy

He might be the head of the Catholic Church, but that didn’t stop Pope Francis from posing for a picture with a group of youngsters who had travelled to see the notorious leader outside the Vatican. The first Papal selfie (which has also been referred to as a groupie) was then uploaded to Twitter and caused a social media frenzy as it was ping-ponged around the web.

Adam Sandler escapes a cheetah

When Adam Sandler appeared on the David Letterman show last year, he revealed how he was almost eaten by a cheetah whilst filming his new film Blended in Africa. That’s right, the Fifty First Dates star said: “A very nice guy let me in with the cheetah and said I could feed the cheetah with my hands, and something went a little bit wrong.” Ouch!

Tarantino gets a nipple bite

He may be one of the most famous directors of all time, but that didn’t stop a taxi driver from plunging his sharp gnashers into the screenwriter’s nipple – and yes, this story is as strange as it sounds. According to reports, things turned sour when the cabbie insulted Tarantino’s date and this soon escalated into a full on brawl. Maybe the driver just wasn’t a Reservoir Dogs fan!

Amanda Bynes goes off the rails

Celebrities know how to shock. If it’s not Britney Spears shaving her head, it’s Lindsay Lohan crashing her Porsche – but Amanda Bynes took things to a whole new level. Not only did she pour petrol over her dog and throw a bong out of a skyscraper last year, but she also sent a host of rather rude messages to rapper Drake. Thankfully, after a forced stint in a psychiatric unit, she is now under the watchful eye of her mother.

Simon Cowell gets egged

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as Simon Cowell found out during the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2013. Furious for not making it all the way in 2012 following numerous auditions, viola player Natalie Holt (whose band was providing a musical accompaniment for the show) ran onto the stage and turned Cowell into a sticky mess . Ah, the joys of live TV.

Celebrities are well-known for leaving a trail of controversy and destruction, but these are certainly some of 2013′s strangest stories – so what will 2014 bring? After all, there’s sure to be a host of other badly behaved A-listers just waiting to make headlines.



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