Finding the Right Pair of Breeches You Would Think Was Made for You

 While horse-back riding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, for a woman who makes a career off of it (or even one who does it for fun), searching for breeches can be a very difficult if not excruciating process. One might think that shopping for breeches isn’t really that hard since all you have to do is find one you like – but that is simply far easier said than done. In cases such as these, you might find one that you feel would look right for you, only to end up hating it with a passion after one look at the mirror. In fact, you’ll feel as if they put some kind of trick mirror in there to mess with their customers.

Fortunately, being able to spot the right pair of breeches is all about being aware of what works best for you. There are ways to ensure that you understand how to spot a decent pair; all you have to do is follow a few guidelines. Here are some ways to finding the right pair of breeches you would swear was made just for you.

Are you saving up on money?

As far as women’s breeches go, money does indeed make a very large difference when it comes to your choices. After all, full seat breeches can end up eating up your budget right away and you may not have enough for other important purchases. It is important to understand how much you really need to spend. For example, if you ride horses that exhibit plenty of movement then you definitely must purchase full seat breeches. However, if they are generally docile then perhaps a knee patch is all that is needed.

What body-type are you?

Once again, this makes a very large difference on how a pair of breeches will look on you. A great tip would be to not only search for pictures of women who look great in certain types of breeches, but also women who have the same body type as you achieving the same thing. Body types are extremely important as they are what helps you figure out exactly the type of breeches that will fit you like a glove. After all, why sacrifice comfort for looks when you can have both?

Choosing the right fabric is all about knowing the compromise.

The fabric of women’s breeches isn’t all about looks – its efficiency and durability matters as well, if not more so. Choosing the right breeches means making a choice between cheap tights (which still look great), or sturdier fabrics. While tights might be great initially, it can easily wear itself out with constant use. In the long run, this means that you are going to end up spending more than if you had simply bought the sturdier fabric in the first place. However, if you are not going to be doing any vigorous riding, tights are a great choice.

For those who are looking for more choices, you can click here. Choosing the right breeches is all about understanding your body, as well as making compromises to fit your budget. Once you find the right ratio, you will also find the right pair for you.