A Look Back at the Most Popular Online Games

2013 was an impressive year for the online gaming industry – The likes of Grand Theft Auto V and BioShock Infinite hit screens across the world, entertaining legions of fans. However, 2014 is already promising to top these heights. If you haven’t done so already, it is well worth checking out the titles below, which have already been released…

  • Bayonetta 2

The first version of the Bayonetta game proved to be a wild success. Just a short while playing the ‘hack and slash’ hit showed just why it was so popular – A real sense of adventure, really effective combat scenes plus extremely impressive graphics was a winning combination. However, Bayonetta 2 is even better than the original, adding HD animation to the production. The only drawback is that it’s only available on PC and Wii U. It’s good enough though, that it might be worth purchasing the console just to play!

  • Titanfall

Significantly, this is a game brought to you by the creators of Call of Duty. It’s an all-action adventure fight game, which includes mega-quick gameplay, excellent effects and a dazzling range of combat options at your disposal. In addition to regular weapons and tools, players can also deploy several massive Titans to fight on their behalf. These all-action figures boast a whole range of powers to help you achieve your goals. Extremely playable, Titanfall is available for PC and Xbox users.

  • Mega Fortune

If you are looking for some straight up opportunities to win a bucket load of cash, then Mega Fortune is the answer. You can play from any PC, from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a slick production. This is a slots game with a really upbeat feel to it. Just spin the five reels and if you can match up the luxury lifestyle-themed symbols, then you can land yourself a mega-fortune in the form of a huge cash prize.

  • Project CARS

If you’re a sports fan and you’re a little bored of the likes of FIFA, then try out this cutting-edge motor racing game. This is a kind of next-gen version of Gran Turismo and is beautifully produced and ready for action from your PC. There is a total of 35 race locations (more than Gran Turismo itself!). Each one has day and night racing options, plus the additional challenge of dynamic weather should you so wish. You are guaranteed hours of top-class racing fun.

  • Super Smash Bros

Looking for something a little bit different? Super Smash Bros has taken retro gaming action to a whole new level. This is a game which features everyone’s favourite pizza delivery guy, Super Mario. This time though, he is taking on new foes head to head, such as Mega Man. There are multi-player features, so you can always spread the Super Mario fun among friends too. Different era, different game, but same character and identical fun as always.

  • Quadrilateral Cowboy

This is an absolute winner for all the programming techies out there. Using a yellow laptop, your mission is to solve numerous puzzles to hack the defences of well-oiled organisations and corporations. This is a challenging puzzle-solving game, which has maintained an excellent interactive and action-oriented element. There is also a good deal of humour to enjoy too. It’s a game that will amuse and should be a lot of fun, even for players who don’t know any code!

Artistic Licence: Moments in History

After scholarly research (according to The Independent) has solved the mystery behind a famous painting by JMW Turner, attention turns towards those works of art which point to a specific moment in time. Investigative work over a long period of time has now found that the Turner painting does not in fact represent the burning of Westminster but the Tower of London. Insights changed over the last 100 years to reveal the interpretation which was announced recently. This is not the first time that artwork covering a moment in history has been surrounded by questions. Yet where Turner paints a scene with descriptive detachment, others choose much more shocking interpretations.

Back In Time to Ancient Rome

From the ancient world, stories of Roman mysteries, wars and conquest are a common feature of Western Art of the last few centuries. Thomas Cole’s painting ‘The Course of Empire: Destruction’ from 1836 is just one example. Using gory detail to illustrate the Vandals’ sack of Rome in the fifth century, this one of five paintings shows distorted bodies, decapitation, suicide and blazing fires in its illustration of one of the darkest moments of Roman history.

In fact, the attack of the Vandals is usually regarded as the point at which the Empire ended. Just three years earlier, in approximately 1833, Karl Briullov painted his image of ‘The Last Day of Pompeii’ and its volcanic eruption. Rich tonal contrasts underline the intense portrayals of terror in one of the most famous moments in time, where an estimated sixteen thousand local residents were caught in the blast and lost their lives. The eruption super-heated ash and gas to around five hundred degrees Fahrenheit and it was here represented the personal pain of an individual family as representation of the bigger picture.

Chronologically earlier, even artists in the seventeenth century were using Roman stories as material for their paintings. ‘The Rape of the Sabine Women’ by Pietro da Cortona uses the term rape in its ancient meaning as a form of abduction as opposed to its modern sexual interpretation, but nonetheless shows the strain on women of being taken to live with their new husbands without consent.

The New World

American history is filled with conflicts and moments ripe for portrayal in artworks of all kinds, continuing to inspire artists even today. 2004 saw the unveiling of ‘The First Minnesota’ painted by Don Troiani, showing the sacrifice made by the volunteers at Gettysburg. American Civil War era interest has been at an all time high, but many historical works look to grand-scale depictions of the conflict in its entirety.

Here, a more realistic approach feels more personal and immediate, using techniques imitable by aspiring artists everywhere. With a basic kit of art supplies, the photo-realistic approach to contemporary art is one that is growing in popularity but which does not sacrifice any of the emotional resonance or symbolic depth in its pursuit of clear tonal variation and complex definition. Perhaps www.jacksonsart.com as an example is the place to head to see where your inspiration might lead.

Moments both international and personal can be immortalised in artwork. Exploring all the options can help create the balance between accurate reporting and artistic licence.

Molly: The Club Drug

In this day and age, raving has become pretty much an accepted thing; and why not? It’s fun, you get to listen to good music, and you get to hang out with a whole bunch of likeminded individuals so you can meet new people. Of course, there is the seedy side of raving—with drugs, ecstasy, and other unsavory things—that is mostly on the down-low; but, for the most part, it’s perfectly harmless.

But, of late, that seedy part has gotten some increased media coverage, as a recreational drug—called Molly—has caused a few overdoses, and put many people into the hospital. Now, though you probably haven’t read much of my work, I’m not opposed to a good time. I won’t support drugs—because that’s just not my thing, and it can be dangerous—but, I do believe in the “all things in moderation” mantra, and won’t judge anyone for their lifestyle decisions. In other words, for the most part, I won’t judge you for your lifestyle, and I won’t tell you not to do drugs at a rave.

Unfortunately, this is one of those times that I have to step outside my norm.

Molly in the News

Molly, like I said, is one of the popular recreational drugs that is currently getting a lot of screen time for its role in the raving world. If you talk to people who use it, or look up the unofficial testimonies of ravers and the like, you could get the impression that it’s perfectly safe. According to many, rolling on Molly gives you a similar high to E, while cutting down on the side-effects that particular drug has become known for. And, for raving, it’s pretty much the bees-knees.

However, the recent spate of Molly overdoses in the media show that this may not be completely right. All over the news lately, we have seen people dying because of this drug, or at the least putting them into the hospital. And, many would be quick to argue that Molly is actually much worse than users believe, pointing to these highly publicized outbreaks as proof. So what’s the deal? Are users of this popular drug underestimating the effects it has on our bodies? Or are these a bunch of right wing media alarmists, clinging onto isolated cases as proof that the drug is terrible for us? In this case, the answer is probably a little of both.

The Facts

If you read the above linked article, you’ll see that many believe Molly to be a pure form of Ecstasy; however, as it points out, the DEA has seized many drugs labeled as Molly only to find other synthetic drugs making up the ingredients. Even more damning, according to the DEA, out of 143 drug seizures suspected to be Molly, only 13%–according to lab tests—were MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy.

So what does this mean? Well, the long answer is a lot of things, but the short answer is it means you need to be careful. Like many synthetic drugs in the market place, Molly is becoming less pure—and less safe—as time goes on. With the DEA continually cracking down on these type of drugs, drug cutters and suppliers have had to find creative ways to sell the stuff, which often means cutting it with other synthetic drugs. This changes the effect of Molly on the populace, and could be the biggest reason for the recent spate of overdoses in the media.

In other words, if you are at a rave and you buy Molly, you may not be buying Molly at all. You may be purchasing something much more dangerous, putting you at risk of an overdose.

Just Don’t Do It

In the end, I don’t want to be a buzzkill, and I truly don’t want to be labeled as an alarmist media personality; however, it is extremely important that you stay safe at rave parties, and that may mean avoiding Molly all together. With the increasingly dangerous climate, “Molly” can cause effects that you simply aren’t expecting, and your body just may not be attuned to these effects. This can cause overdoses and, at the end of the day, is a good time really worth that risk?

Keep these facts in mind, and remember to be careful next time you are at a rave party. There are many safer ways to enjoy yourself than Molly; just don’t forget that.

Tyler Fleck is a blogger who has had his work published all over the web; however, today’s article is written on the behalf of RaverSwag.com. Check out their site for more rave news, or to get the best raver LED clothes around.

Tips for the Beginning Raver

So, you want to be a raver; one of those happy-go-lucky types who dance, dance, and dance some more until the night is dead and the sun is burning high in the sky; one of those who don’t care who they’re dancing or partying with, but only wishes to feel the rhythm flow through them as the bright and colorful lights flash above. It’s a fun life, one that’s filled with new experiences and incredible friendships, but it’s also one that you can’t just start. There’s a code that ravers follow—one that’s not very complicated or, if we’re going to be honest here, well-maintained—but, it’s a code nonetheless, and one that you need to learn before you dive into this wondrous world. So, if you want to be a raver, you need to follow these tips; trust me. They will save you quite a bit of embarrassment in the end.

1. Let the Creativity Flow

Rule number 1 of raving is this: no one likes a copycat, or a trend follower, they only accept them. I mean, you could go to a rave with those furry legs and call it a day—and you’ll probably have a fun time—but, you won’t make any waves, nor will you impress the people you want to impress. A true raver goes all out using all the resources at hand to make a truly impressive and enjoyable costume that doesn’t look like it’s trying to fit in. Yes, buying your rave clothes from a store isn’t going to hurt you; but, it’s what you do with those clothes that will make or break your night.

2. Mingle

What’s the point of going to a rave if you don’t try to make friends? Trick question; there’s no point whatsoever. Truly, there are many who enjoy going to raves and finding their own bubble; but, I’m here to tell you that these people—and you—need to learn to love people! It might be fun to go out there and dance by you, but dancing with other people is the reason that raves exist. You need to enjoy the rhythm of other people’s bodies, socialize with other ravers, and make some friends. This is what makes a rave so enjoyable, and this is what makes you a true raver.

3. Be Accepting

If you’re going to a rave, you have to understand that there are probably going to be some…unsavory…substances on display. Molly, E, etc. are all part of the mythos of a rave, and—while I DEFINITELY don’t suggest you join in—you need to be accepting of the people who may be “blasting off”, if you get my meaning. On the other side of things, you also need to understand that drugs really aren’t a necessary part of raving. Many might argue that you can’t really enjoy a rave unless you are rolling, but they are quite wrong. If you don’t want to do drugs, then all power to you; just accept the ones who do!

4. Don’t Force it

A big part of raving is letting the rave flow to you. Don’t go out there and try immensely hard to get people to notice you—by ways outside of your clothes, of course—and don’t just do things to try and fit in. Do what you feel comfortable doing, and just have a good time; in the end, that’s all a rave is all about.

Tyler Fleck is a rave enthusiast, a blogger, and a writer who has had his work published all over the web. He uses raverswag.com for all of his rave clothing needs – sadly, there’s not a second-hand shop anywhere near his neighborhood.

Themed Nerdy Party Ideas

Before I begin, I want to preface this by saying one, very important thing. Themed parties are not stupid. They just aren’t! Themed parties are extremely fun, regardless of what age you are; and, in my opinion, they only get better as you get older! Do you know why? The addition of alcohol, that’s why! So, to aid in drunken debauchery, here are a few great party ideas that only get better with a few brews down the hatch.

1. Cosplay Party

I only include this because it’s kind of a pet favorite of mine; however, cosplay parties are definitely one of the most enjoyable things to have while drunk. Just think about it for a second. Everyone gets to dress up as their favorite super hero, monster, or what have you, you make a few awesome super hero themed drinks, organize a costume contest (with free beer as a prize), and voila, it’s party time.

But, before you come whining to me, saying that it’s just a “costume party”, I’m going to stop you in your tracks. A cosplay and a costume party are two very different things! For cosplay, one of the biggest requirements is that the costume has to be high quality/homemade. That means no going to the store and buying a pre-put together costume, and no wussing out. You have to go full boar, else you won’t have half us much fun at the end of the night. Here’s a good resource for cosplay planning.

2. Rock Band Party

Again, a pet favorite, and yet somehow universally satisfying. A Rock Band/Guitar Hero party is where you bring all your friends together for a night of rocking out with plastic instruments. Obviously, this is already a tried and true tactic; but, you may be wondering where the alcohol comes in. Well, in my household, we love to make drinking games out of every single song. Whoever gets the lowest percentage has to take a shot; the worst singer—determined by a panel of judges—takes a drink; anyone who refuses to sing, you guessed it, is drinking some more booze. Whatever the rule, making a drinking game out of this immortal party game is one of the more enjoyable things you can do with your night. Trust me; I may not remember much of the last time I did this, but I do remember a vague sense of enjoyment throughout the night!

3. Nerdy Movie Night (with a Twist)

If you’re not really looking for a night to get jiggy with it, a movie night is always something that’s in order. After all, one of the best ways to truly bond with your friends is over a shared love of media, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings. But, of course, movie nights may seem a little too…sober…for this list, so I went ahead and boozed it up for all interested parties out there. Welcome to The Movie Boozathon! Yes, the movie boozathon, where the objective of the night is to make as many drinking games as possible out of the movies you watch. Drink when the bromance between Frodo and Sam toes a bit over the line, chug whenever William Shatner waxes eloquent in his haltering, stumbling speech, take a shot for every time the CGI in the Matrix looks just a little too crappy. Whatever you want, you decide; it’s your movie boozathon. If you’re looking for an even better twist, and if you and your friends are a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000, why not make your own version? Let the profanities ring out over your favorite movies as you pick them apart line by line; and don’t forget the alcohol!

In the end, almost every geeky party can be made more enjoyable with alcohol; so, if you and your friends are out there trying to figure out what to do for William Shatner’s bday bash, then why not throw down for a nerd party of epic proportions? I know you want to!

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Understanding fashion agencies

Trusting a reputed name in the world of fashion and modeling is a huge task in itself. There are lots of young men and women who try to carve a niche for themselves in the fashion industry every year. But it is not a cake walk. There will be loads of times that you may come across modeling agencies that are not professional and could just be a sham. You have to be very careful while choosing a photographer and an agency.

Here at bubble gum casting we are very proud of the clientele that we cater to. And in the past few years of our existence we have certainly made quite a reputation for us. Based only on the services that we offer and the professionalism that we have to offer to our clients apart from our good work.

The world is filled with opportunities

Sometimes it happens that young girls and boys are approached on the streets or revert back to advertisements for new models and when they go for the auditions it turns out to be a company that demands huge amounts of money claiming to be their ticket to name and fame in the fashion industry. However these photos may be gorgeous and we all may want to have them but they are not what will help you find fruitful work. But if you are aiming at a career in modeling then you must need to have a set of photographs that have been professionally clicked. And you will be surprised that this has become the minimum necessity if you are serious about modeling as a full time career. It is one of the finest professions that the youth can get into.

Travelling comes with it

 Wouldn’t it be wonderful that you get to travel to beautiful places all over the world and see stunning things? Well when you become a model this comes as part and parcel of your life. You get to travel and see the world you may be living out of a suitcase for a major part of your career. But it is complete worth it. All the places that you ever imagined that you wanted to visit will be possible for you. The icing on the cake is that all these trips will be paid by the company that has hired you.

Choose the right agency

These agencies that lack credibility persuade young girls to spend large sums of money and promise them huge work opportunities with big brands but in the end nothing happens and the model looses much more than gaining anything in return. Bubblegum casting ensures that they are very clear with the terms and conditions of work and give you a fair chance of becoming a model. Our staff is skilled and trained and can handle all your queries with much ease. It is best if you could visit our website as well to see some of the work that we have done.

Origami Used to Assist NASA

Sometimes the answers to the most complicated questions lie in the simplest of answers. Although technology is the science of the future, it is not uncommon to look to the past for inspiration and foresight. Master Oh, one of the world’s leading origami artists, explains how NASA has looked to an ancient art of the past to assist their engineers in preparing technology for the future and create models of compact arrays.

Compliant Mechanism

Engineer students at Brigham Young University (BYU) turned to origami to assist in designs for solar panels when they realized that origami is a compliant mechanism. A compliant mechanism is something that functions without the use of hinges and instead works using bending and flexing. This basic idea inspired engineers to find new ways of thinking to come up with cost effective solutions when designing mechanisms for use in space. Origami allows for the design of mechanisms that can be compact at the time of launch but then be opened on a much larger scale once it reaches space.

Solar Arrays

A solar array is a series of solar panels that are used to collect solar energy. The solar energy collected in space can be transmitted back to earth wirelessly and can be used and/or stored for use. It is believed that solar power collected in space can help resolve the world’s energy problems. Solar power in general does not burn greenhouse emissions and does not deplete any of our natural resources. Solar power is generated with the production of hazardous waste like nuclear power and does not use other harmful collection methods such as mining for coal. It can also reduce competition for resources amongst different nations. However the cost associated with space solar power is extremely expensive. The use of origami is opening new doors to produce more cost effective solar arrays making it easier and cheaper to launch them into space.

Cube sets are the small panels created using origami. They can be made in panels of various sizes and panels as small as 50 square centimetres can generate as much as 65 watts of energy each.

Origami Mathematics

Origami mathematics has made many contributions to science and technology. From the development of the airbags that keep you safe in car accidents to eyeglass telescopes. These mathematics are being used to create a solar array that unfold from 2.7 meters to 25 meters in diameter. The array can generate as much as 250 kilowatts of power. Testing has so far resulted in a panel that folds open at 1.25 meters.

Future Applications

Looking to the future the application of origami mathematics has endless possibilities. The ability to create large scale mechanisms that can be sent into space on a much smaller scale can be more cost effective. Possible applications include solar sails or even nets that can catch asteroids. There is even talk of applications on earth that can include ideas for living quarters, phones and all other types of household items. Imagine how easy camping could be with origami mathematics behind the design of a tiny glampingcottage that fits in your pocket.


Tips to make your wedding reception more special

When it comes to preparing a marriage, you need to create sure that you don’t get too targeted on discovering the best outfit and getting the right location. A critical facet that often gets neglected is the real marriage celebration itself. If you are on a price range or in need of concepts to help you strategy the best occasion, take a few recommendations into account.

One typical error that most brides-to-be’s create is patiently waiting until the last moment to get began. The more time it requires you to get began, the more stress you are going to experience as you go about trying to get the right preparations to be able. Getting a jump begin will allow you more a chance to discover better offers. Since marriages are very well-known, you need to begin preparing beginning so that you don’t inflatable hire services in Chelmsford have to fear about any organization being overbooked. Instead of having to pay a certain price because you didn’t offer enough observe to any catering services or dressmaker, you can decrease your expenses and have no trouble of remaining within your price range.

When it comes to getting together a record of guests for your marriage celebration, keep in thoughts that you have to pay for everyone that is present. When you create your record of guests, try to keep it easy. Encourage individuals that you really want to be present at. Buddies and associates that you hardly know don’t actually need a party invitation. To help keep your price range affordable, invite only those who are essential and whose existence will really create your day.

Even if you strategy on having a big marriage, you don’t have to exaggerate it by choosing the greatest location for your marriage celebration. The larger the organization, the more it is going to price you. Consider having your marriage celebration outside in a lawn or a recreation area. You can always buy designs or use some of the landscapes to add a exclusive and individual contact to your exclusive day.

Keep in thoughts that no issue how much you experience like worrying or how pressured you experience, being friendly can go a lengthy way. You may have seen those truth reveals where the bride-to-be’s are impolite and mean to all of the entrepreneurs and employees they experience while trying to strategy the best day.

You may end up getting billed more and being declined support. This can further confuse your programs. You never know who you are working with and you don’t want to humiliate yourself or anyone else.

If you are having an experienced bakery create your dessert, think about what tastes you want for your dessert beforehand. This will create it much simpler for you to decide on a dessert and concentrate more on the kind of dessert you want. If there are a few tastes you are ripped between, don’t be scared to ask for examples. Keep in mind, your marriage celebration is a aspect of your exclusive day and if you begin you’re preparing beginning, there is no purpose why you can’t have it organized the way you have always imagined of.