Best Movies To Watch After a Break-Up

All good things definitely come to an end. It’s not about being pessimistic – it’s the reality of life. And a lot of times reality does bite. Love comes when you least expect it and it sweeps you off your feet just like in the movies right? Then the inevitable happens – your prince charming happens to be a frog and things turns sour. Breaking up is a very difficult process and it seems no one can ever be ready for this. Forever is just a word – cynics would say; yet nothing is ever permanent – not even love.

Dealing with a bad breakup is a daunting and lengthy process. It can be self-defeating at times. There could be rough stages of denial as you try to get back with the person you love. Every individual has varied coping mechanisms when it comes to moving on after a breakup. Some would want to party and go out with friends while most would want to be alone and sulk.

Coping with breakups give you a leeway or an excuse to slow down and just focus on yourself. At this time, being a potato couch may not be too much of a bad idea as you need some time off to heal and pamper yourself. Crying over a good movie with a bag of chips and soda plus a box of tissue sounds pretty good for a break-up movie marathon. Here are the best movies to watch after a breakup:

Sliding Doors (1998) – This stars Gwyneth Paltrow as Helen who got fired from her job and was running off to catch her train when two dimensions of her came of two varied realities. This variably shows that when one door closes, another one opens and it could be much better than the one who broke your heart. This also goes to show that simple decisions and choices can shift things around and make remarkable changes in our lives. This further empowers people that breakups should be taken as an opportunity to bounce back and be a way better person than before.

(500) Days of Summer (1999) – This is about an unrequited love where a partner gives more than anyone can take in and at which the other cannot reciprocate. Love is portrayed to be confusing and paradoxical and can be somewhat predictable.

Closer (2004) – This is an example of tragic reality in love stories: deceit, cheating, obsession, passion, love – and everything in between. This is a dissection of varied personalities which showcase different realities of what love is – not a bed of roses indeed. In the end, you realize that walking away is the best thing you can do for yourself.

High Fidelity (2000) – This is a comic representation of how males deal with love and breakups. Amusing but gives in-depth realities of how relationships evolve and lose lustre in the end. The cycles that come with love and breaking-up as well as moving-on are depicted with witty humour.

Watching these breakup movies can be both therapeutic and fun. It costs less than impulsive shopping or splurging on expensive spa treatments. You don’t even need expensive TV sets to enjoy these films. Just call a 3 phone number to receive great deals on mobile internet and watch many such films in your mobile.  After doing so, it becomes easier to collect one’s emotion and walk out the door as a happier version of yourself.

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