Celebrities Who Love Comic Books

What’s the difference between Green Lantern and a unicorn?  How many super villains does it take to change a light bulb?  If you don’t know the answers, we’ll provide them at the end of this article (no fair skipping down to peek!)

We start off with some corny comic book jokes because we want to disabuse our fan base of their incipient fear that nobody will take them seriously if they read comic books.  Or that they’ll never amount to a hill of beans (Grandma’s favorite derogatory expression) if they keep on reading those dang old comic books.

Nuh-uh, say the guys and gals at Biowars – The Battle Rages Within, one of the hottest new free online comic books to explode on cyber space yet;  there are a lot of cool celebrities that enjoy reading comic books, and aren’t too shy about saying so.

Nicolas Cage, for instance, is an enormous fan of comic books.  He has been passionate about comic books since he was a child, and over the years he has amassed a large collection of first editions, including the first editions of Superman and Batman, which he sold a few years back for a whopping one-million-dollars.  He took the last name of Cage as a tribute to the Marvel Comics hero Luke Cage, from back in the 1970’s.  And did you know he named his second son Kal-El in tribute to Krypton’s most famous native son, Superman?

Rosario Dawson, the hottie from Men in Black II, also relishes her time relaxing with comic books.  She told the Moviefone website recently that Wolverine is her favorite super hero, and that she also grooves on Watchmen and the underground cult favorite Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.  She also likes to draw her own comics, and a few years back released her own comic book called Occult Crimes Task Force – in which she starred herself!

Megan Fox, who wowed audiences in both Transformer films, wanted to be a comic book artist prior to taking up modeling and acting.  She collects the illustrations of J. Scott Campbell and Michael Turner.  She has shown some of her own illustrating work on several television talk shows.

Seth Meyers and Bill Hader, both of whom sparkled on SNL, confess that they are obsessive about comic books.  They often go out together on a Saturday morning to the Chelsea Flea Market in New York City to see if they can spot any comic book bargains.  Together, the two have written a Spiderman novel called “The Short Halloween.”   They are both pals with comic book artist Kevin Maguire and have been caricatured by him as the Blue Beetle.

Rubber-faced Robin Williams is so into Batman that he offered to play the role in the Tim Burton movie as well as offering to do the Joker, for scale.  That would have been something to remember – Batman doing a riff like the genie in the Disney film “Aladdin”!  He says his favorite comic books today are DMZ and the Japanese manga Tekkonkinkreet.

(So what’s the diff between Green Lantern and a unicorn?  None; they’re both fictional creatures!)

(And how many super villains does it take to change a light bulb?  None; they like working in the dark!)

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