Complete Cure for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Diarrhoea Without Side Effects

A recent survey conducted in the U.K found that almost 90% of the population felt extremely weak after a bout of diarrhoea. At present, Imodium or loperamide is one of the best recommended cures to treat diarrhoea problems. you will find a good number of Imodium products with loperamide hydrochloride as the key ingredient. How does Imodium work? This is a common question asked by many people.

Health Experts in the advise the person suffering from diarrhoea to take medicines immediately. This is required to compensate the loss of fluids and nutrients from the body. Gastroentologists advise their patients to take medicine containing a substantial quantity of Loperamide. One such medicine that contains sufficient amount of Loperamide is Imodium. Imodium works on the digestive system without mixing with the blood stream. Imodium can repair the digestive system to its original state within a matter of an hour. When a person suffers from diarrhoea, dthe igestive system starts to work faster and is not able to absorb the fluids. Thus the body fluids get out along with the stools. Lopramide that is present in Imodium starts to set right the digestive system. Once set right, the digestive system re-starts to absorb the fluids, thereby normalising the stools.


Imodium is actually available in three forms. In order to find out the correct Imodium form that would suit your existing body condition, you can visit the Imodium’s Causes of Diarrhoea page by going to Imodium’s website. The three forms of Imodium include original, Instants and plus Caplets. In the treating Diarrhoea section of the web site, you can find information on selecting the correct type of Imodium.

If you still believe in the myth that treating diarrhoea would cause constipation, you have to read the results of the clinical trials regarding the side effects of Imodium. Clinical trial results show that only 1% of the sample population that consumed Imodium reported constipation as a side effect.


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