Education through Entertainment for Children

It is the age of digital media… Children of today have become digital. They spend more time over playing video games on some high-tech devices than interacting with others. So, parents are concerned about to use their entertainment medium for educational purpose.

Well, there is good news for parents! The modern world has introduced method of educating children through entertainment. You will see that children are highly passionate about mobile games. Though some of the games can help kids learn but they are not as beneficial as the educational games that involve physical activities.

Now, the common question that arises in the minds of parents is: which mode of educational entertainment includes physical movements and is rightly suited for children? Here are some playful educational media you can try for your kids. Be assured, all of them will be of great fun!!!


This is a popular game of the children’s parties. Isn’t that so? Kids love and enjoy fully playing musical chairs. This can be treated as an educational game for children as it encourages them in putting their focus on a single objective – here it is occupying a chair immediately after the music halts. This way, the youths are not only exposed to entertaining music, but also their competitive spirits are spurred up.


This game emphasizes the bonding between the balloon catcher and thrower. Do you know why this fun-filled activity is beneficial for children? This develops the coordination between their hand and eye. In this game, kids usually use water filled balloons. But nowadays, soft toys and balls are also used for playing this game. Pleasure and education are blended together…


This is a perfect game for kid’s party! This game is also played as one of the after-school activities. Parachute Play puts it spotlight on camaraderie. As many as 13 kids can play this game. This playful activity helps children to be cooperative, patient and happy. This game also teaches kids the way of sharing things with other and how to play in a fair way.

It is true that mobile games are the latest hype of the modern society, but physical games will always have greater appeal as educational entertainment. You should always try to keep your children creative and active by means of physical games. This will help kids to improve their mental as well as physical well being.


Games develop children’s interpersonal skills: Unlike video games that isolate kids, physical games enable a child to interact directly with his friends. Kids playing physical games tend to be outgoing, more vocal and confident in contrary to the ones playing video.

Games enhance bonding: Active play cultivates a bonding between the players and children also become competitive. While participating in some activities with you or even when they communicate with one another, they seem to strengthen their connection.

Games build up mannerisms: Physical games are a good way of teaching children good values, good behaviors and perfect manners. They also learn to share and to care in terms of interaction with their friends.

Besides all these, games empower the health condition of your kids. Physical exertion improves their health and certain degree of creativity involved in the games improves their mental skill.

Summary: Children can learn while playing. Hence, it is important to influence to indulge in physical activities rather than isolated digital games.

Author’s Bio: Simon Hopes is a teacher of the youths. He/ she studies about the behavior of children and discovers ways of improving their skills. He is the best guide for economics help as well.