Getting from A to B – Car or Motorcycle?

car vs bikeGetting from A to B, unless you feel comfortable and its more convenient using public transport, bicycle or even walking you generally have 2 choices, motorcycle or a car. It all comes down to personal preferences based on the pros and cons of each of these two vehicles.

Here is a look at the pros of having a motorcycle instead of a car;

– They are less expensive to purchase.
– Better fuel economy.
– Occupies less space.
– Cheaper to repair.
– Easy to manoeuvre in traffic
– Gives a better feel of the open road.

The cons of motorcycles over a car are;

– They require more skills and involvement to operate.
– Less luggage space.
– Motorcycles are not as convenient for driving in the rain or in the cold winter weather.
– They are much more dangerous as far as being able to protect yourself in a crash.
– They do not last as long as cars and are quite easy to steal.

On the other hand cars can be better than motorcycles because;

– They are much more convenient in the rain.
– Have a longer lifespan.
– Much safer.
– Have a larger capacity for both people and storage.
– In case of a collision, there is a far lesser chance of sustaining an injury

On the flip side cars are;

– Quite expensive to purchase and maintain compared to motorcycles.
– Less fuel efficient.
– Harder to find parking space.
– Will require you to wait for traffic ease in order to move and, car insurance is much more expensive.

Personally I own a Honda Vision 50 and prefer to travel by bike rather than by car, however as seen above, they both have advantages and disadvantages and with time some of the demerits can be overcome, for example, currently there are cars that have equal or better fuel economy as motorbikes, although at the cost of speed. So it cannot be said that ultimately one is better than the other and like everything else in life, it all comes personal preference. for more information on Honda motorcycles please follow the links in this post.

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