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ABBA, the Swedish musical group popular since their 1974 appearance on Eurovision, saw international success with songs such as ?Mamma Mia? and ?Dancing Queen?. In 2008, a film called ?Mamma Mia? and featuring many ABBA songs premiered, starring Meryl Streep and Colin Firth. As the fifth-largest international grossing film in 2008 and the most successful UK-produced movie of all time, ?Mamma Mia? received a great deal of acclaim and was nominated for awards at a wide variety of prestigious festivals.

What most people don?t know? It was a musical first.

Written by playwright Catherine Johnson and based on ABBA?s music, ?Mamma Mia? the musical opened in the West End in April, 1999. It opens with a young, Greek woman named Sophie preparing for her upcoming wedding while wishing her father could be there to walk her down the aisle. After discovering her mother?s diary, Sophie reads about three men that might be her father and sends each one an invitation to her wedding. She signs the letters with her mother?s name, but does not tell her mother that these men have been invited. The day before her wedding, when her mother is receiving guests at the tavern, she is surprised to see her former lovers and commiserates with a group of old friends about the situation while Sophie convinces the men not to mention how they received the invitation.

After speaking with one of the men, Bill, Sophie becomes convinced that he is her father since his aunt left her mother the money she used to build the tavern when Sophie was just a baby. She wants Bill to walk her down the aisle; he agrees, but soon afterwards, the other two men also pull her aside, convinced they are each her father.

In Act II, Sophie?s plans begin to fall apart as her fiance finds out what she has done and accuses her of using the wedding just to find her father. After a great deal of worry and upset, Sophie and her mother discuss the situation surrounding Sophie?s birth. Sophie asks her mother to walk her down the aisle, and her mother accepts. Before the ceremony begins, Sophie?s mother admits to all present that Sophie?s father is among the crowd, but her biological parentage is left unknown since nobody involved is sure whose child she actually is. All three of her ?fathers? want to be involved in her life, so everyone agrees that it doesn?t matter who her biological father is.

Before the ceremony can begin, Sophie and her fiance decide that they are not ready to get married. In the interest of not letting all the preparations go to waste, one of Sophie?s ?fathers? proposes to her mother and they get married. Sophie and Sky then leave to travel around the world together, and all is well.

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