Les Miserables the musical

If you are ever going to be in the London area, you should definitely consider getting tickets to go and see Les Miserables, the musical. This is a musical that is worth your time and money. You can look online to see all of the locations that this musical is playing at, because you may get lucky and not have to travel far just to see it. If you do have to, keep this as one of the top things to do on your list.
Les Miserables is about an ex-con, who goes by the name of Jean Valjean.

He went through many transformations and ended up becoming mayor and owner of a factory. He is then moved to help one of his workers, who goes by the name of Fantine. This is when Jean’s life is turned to tragedy, because he past ends up catching up with him. Jean is then forced to leave everything behind him to run from the chief of police, Javert. Javert has been after Jean for some time, and is not going to stop until he brings him to justice.
Many years later, Fantine’s child whose name is Cosette, who was raised by Jean, ends up meeting a firefighter and falls in love with him. His name is Marius. Javert is definitely on the hunt for Jean, and everyone else is forced to question what it is that they are willing to sacrifice. They have to choose between love and justice.
This musical keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, and on their feet. There are times that this play may seem a bit unpredictable. It is very interesting to see which way Cosette, who was raised by Jean, turns. The audience waits to see if she will turn him in because she knows he has done wrong, or stick up for him and help him, because she is like her father.
This musical has been around since Nov. 9, 2006. It has been around for some time. There is an original cast that is seen through this cast. It is very appealing. If you want to go and see this play, you should really consider it.Tickets do not cost that much at the best way to get them is to buy them in advance. That is the only way you can ensure you get what you want out of this musical.

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