Oliver the musical

Oliver the musical, is definitely something that people should take their families out to see. It is about a young boy, named Oliver, who lives in a workhouse with other orphanages. He is sold to a local undertaker, as well as his family, after disrupting a meal by asking for more. They end up treating Oliver so bad. They made him sleep under coffins and everything else. Oliver soon ends up escaping, where he meets a boy named Dodger, who then takes Oliver to his home. This is now an academy for orphanages, where Oliver is taught a lot of different things, such as pick-pocketing.
Oliver ends up getting caught by the police, at his first pick-pocketing job. He is then brought to Mr.Brownlow’s home because he felt sorry for Oliver. The story gets really twisted because they want Oliver back to the academy orphanage home in fear of him telling Mr. Brownlow where the thieves live. Nancy, who was living at the other home is sent out to bring Oliver back. Before she could even do that, her husband finds out of her plans, and ends up murdering her. This is because Nancy was not going to actually take Oliver back to her husband. She had other secret plans. Nancy’s husband try to then go after Oliver, but ended up being shot and killed himself. Mr.Brownlow, who turned out to be Oliver’s grandfather end up returning home safely.
Overall, this musical was well planned and thought out. It definitely keeps the audience on their feet. It is very intense. Many songs and such are played throughout the musical. It can be sad in the beginning, but the ending definitely makes up for it. It is definitely not what people watching would have thought. People who want to get the chance to see this musical, can find out where it is playing at. It may not be playing by you, so you may want to consider traveling to go and see it. You can trust that this is definitely a musical that is worth traveling to go and see.
Ticket prices may vary, but overall they are not that expensive. There may or may not be a deadline as to when the musical stops showing all together. This musical has been around for some time. It is worth your every penny. It’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.

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