Staying In And Entertaining

Everyone enjoys a good night out with friends and it can be a highlight after a long week at work. Going round the same circuit of pubs and clubs can drag after a while though, no matter how much you like the places or how good the company is. It may have been said many times before, but is staying in the new going out?


Many people have been ‘forced’ into staying in and enjoying each others company, but it shouldn’t be for purely financial reasons should it? Whether you want to treat friends and show off your cooking skills, or have a themed night in, there are plenty of reasons to stay in and a whole host of activities to break up the monotony of the nine to five.


This may be a touch excessive, but a good meal is always welcome!

Dinner Parties

The most tried and tested night in for you and friends can be a great way to bolster friendships or just have a catch up over a hearty meal. Aside from a usual 3 courses, bottles of wine and inevitable taxi at the end of the night, why not try different variations? Have a cocktail party and enjoy yourself over a few exotic drinks to blow away the blues of the English weather – just remember to be careful when measuring your own spirits though! Or why not try a theme night? It may sound silly and tacky at first, but after the initial reservations have been diluted, it can make a great memorable evening.


Film nights

Everyone likes to sit down and watch a great movie, but once the cinema ticket, food and drinks have been purchased, you might have to contemplate a loan to go the next time! With money being pushed further and further, companies have to reduce prices to get customers, and there is a great range of cheap home theatre systems available for any budget.


Games Nights

Organising a few rounds of scrabble may seem a bit tedious, but if you spend a little while planning some games or by checking online for ideas, you can create a great atmosphere for everyone to join in. Recently I went to a friend’s and had a real time game of cluedo, with props placed around the house and a few charity shop items to get everyone into character. It didn’t seem to work at first, but after a while everyone got into it and had a great time – the impromptu Pictionary afterwards was a welcome addition too!


There are loads of other things you can do within your home for a little investment in time or money and get a break from the usual deafening clubs and pubs. Mixing some ideas together to suit your personality and guests is a great idea. Of course there are many more things you could do, using your own ideas, or by having a search to see what others do and adding your own twist!

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