Tattoo Hair Simulation

Hair transplant surgery is happening all over the world and a lot of people find great job out of their ability to have a full head of hair once again. However, there are some people would take it back if given the chance.
Scarring is a huge issue among people who have chosen to get hair transplants. It not only leaves little scars but can leave bigger scars as well depending on the hair transplant surgery. People who have been left with scaring generally cannot see them unless they shave their head which a lot of people do not do based off of their need of hair transplants in the first place. However, a scar can be felt from the outside of the scalp and for some people it is just too much to take.

Tattoo hair simulation is a new step in hair restoration. Many people feel that it is a great addition to hair loss issues while others feel that tattooing anything is very wrong. Tattoo hair simulation is a way of literally tattooing hair into a person’s scalp. This is just like many of the procedures that deal in permanent make-up such as eyeliner, lipstick, and beauty marks.
It can also be a way to hide away scars that a person does not want so clearly noticeable. It is a permanent procedure and can also be called “cosmic transdermal hair replication” and hair follicle replication.”
It is a very different approach to getting hair transplants but it is effective and a lot of people have already witnessed its effectiveness. Scars left behind from prior hair replacement surgeries will no longer be a problem and for people who like to shave their head due to becoming bald will certainly like hair tattoo simulation for its ability to look as though you still have hair without worrying about future balding issues.

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