What are Partial Dentures?

Bridges or partial dentures are removable. They usually is attached to gum or pink color base that is plastic. Can be connected by a metal framework that holds the bridge or partial denture in the mouth, where it has to go.
Partial denture is used when one or more teeth has been removed in either lower or upper
jaw. This can only be done if there are natural teeth still on the same lower or upper jaw for the denture can be attached to it. Some ways the partial dentures is attached to your natural teeth is by wires or by clasps. The partial dentures can look natural and you don’t have to worry about wires or clasps showing because they are behind the teeth where it is hidden from everybody else.

Yes, it is possible to have two (2) partials, one in the lower jaw and one in the upper jaw. Depending on how many teeth has been removed you might want to consider getting bridges. Especially, if you have had to have two (2) teeth removed from both the lower and upper jaw.
Bridges are permanent because when one or more teeth has been removed, they can be replaced with a crown and is attached to either side to the natural tooth that is still in your mouth. A bridge has a more of a natural look to it then another type of denture. This helps from your other natural teeth changing because they do not have their “friend” next to them anymore. If your other teeth starts changing, then you might have to get those removed as well. Possible ways of your teeth changing is by becoming loose, tilting, or many different ways.

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